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Trends On The 30 Day Challenge

Published on TRENDS

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The Thirty Day Challenge

Hi folks, hope you’re enjoying this warm sunny day in July :)

No you’re not losing it, this is an actual site update from the TRENDS crew. Look out for many more to come.

So what gives? …

Well I’ve been bragging to the wife about Internet Marketing for so long and she finally said basically, “Put up or shut up!”

Not quite like that but she did ask where’s all the millions I claimed I was going to make.

Then I always get asked, “So what do you do?” from people who think I just throw parties and sit on my arse all day aka live off my wife.

Quite funny!

I do make many thousands off the internet, not enough to party like a rock star, but enough to do nothing when I feel like.

My nick name was of course “Lazy” in high school, thanks to my Spanish teacher for that 1.

What does this have to do with a challenge you ask?

To get me out of the “Lazy” state and into action I sign up to the 30 Day Challenge.

Actually everyone on Team TRENDS is signing up.

This is a great way to learn how to make money on the internet, and be a stay @ home bum like me ;)


This can be done by anyone, from the person who can barely turn on their computer to the “experts” out there.

So if you’d like to learn what I do daily and also challenge yourself to make some easy money, join us on the 30 Day Challenge.

I think you’ll love it!


P.S. Event Updates coming soon. ;)

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