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The New Year

Published on TRENDS

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It’s the day before New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Eve Eve i guess) and the whole city is buzzing.

Everyone and their grandmother is promoting some new years party, people are trying to figure out if they want to sin or go to church and for the most part it’s just another day and another party.

Either way, i’m happy to have made it to the end of 2009, a somewhat challenging and “interesting” year for our team.

2009 was a year when people valued every penny and for the most part chose staying in and playing scrabble, over partying with friends.

With that being said, we’ve still managed to have tons of successful event and experiences.

Still managed to test the boundaries, still dared to be different and still able to beat the recession and stay standing.

That’s a lot to do when a lot of big names have gone under, been forced to collaborate for scraps and cry about the glory days ( 2002 – recession ). Lol


This is just my long winded way of saying thanks to our whole community, the whole Trends team (Kevin, Rachel, Leo, Kimmie, Floyd, Jerry, Wiz, N’Akia, and Giselle).

Our collaborators throughout this year, especially Prophecy, Urban Ent, Blazin, MoSAIC, Cover Image, Takeover DJs and many more.

Our extended family, Soul Rebel, RepJa, Unitec and tons more.

The many local and international djs, the venues and their great staff, our many service providers that make us go.

And of course to you the people of Atlanta who believe in us and continually support us, give us chances to grow and expect the best from us.

I’ve probably forgotten many people in this post. But do know i thank you, team Trends thanks you and here’s to an amazing 2010.


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