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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • "The day I stop believing is the day it's over…" #
  • "Focus on One Thing & Be Great at One Thing, and It Will Open The Door to Many Things…" #
  • "You're always moving in direction of your dominant thoughts…" #
  • Event Marketing Tips: Don't Kill Yourself Trying to Get Money #
  • Just realized how little I'm under-utilizing all my resources. #shame #
  • Great interview… #
  • Nothing beats working on your dreams… #
  • RT @ProphecyEvents: Big Moves underway… Keep us prayed up b/c its looking like a HOT SUMMER! <<== Do It Yute!!! #
  • RT @mselegans: @gotrends u good after all the abuse <<===== yeh after that one fell off the table I was in better spirits LOL :D #
  • RT @lovetwinkle21: My Asian friend jusr saif " dese nutts" lmfao <<===== LOL, so funny you forgot how to spell huh? #
  • RT @FoeDiddy: @gotrends How long your vacation for..I'm taking mine after you done with yours. <<=== Sounds like today I'll be back! #
  • RT @JillKoenig: Millionaire Habit: Introspection. Take time 2 contemplate & meditate on your goals & the long term effects of your decisions #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: Got an email from a sponsor and they want to give me "free products and brand their ish everywhere" for FREE!!<- GTFOHWTBS #
  • RT @dremoneymusic: World Premiere of my new single "Sex Education" 2nite at Vice @ShaneTalon @gotrends @FoeDiddy @atlantareggae #
  • RT @KonataJ: @atlantareggae I'm working son… better yet #BoardroomBuilding… where do I send the resume? #
  • RT @NTaji: RT @gotrends: yo,wassup son!lol <<== What it do folk… here working away. Shouldn't you be snoozing? #
  • Apparently life, friends and people have made me an angry person & I need therapy. #fuckitinmysystem #
  • ghost mode on… #
  • RT @KingAP_Dep: Eating popcorn and reading these tweets! <<===== Who needs TV right? #
  • RT @djkashatl: RT @ENGLISHFIRE: RT @FoeDiddy: Log onto now..DJ Kash going in<< make sure u tune in… #
  • Follow Atlanta Reggae on Twitter now… #
  • RT @atlantareggae: ==> New at AtlantReggae: : Listen This: Black Ryno Diss #
  • Event Marketing Tips: Flip Your Events Today #
  • Happy Happy Easter folks… #
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