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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • RT @neilpatel Why I’ll never live in a rich neighborhood… #
  • Respec' The Snow Diva Open Bar 'til 11:30 @ Vice tonight…. spread the word! 255 Trinity Avenue. Spread the word! #
  • Snow Fight!!!!!! #
  • RT @kevincaesar1: RT @gotrends: This Saturday we're giving away a VIP section, check here for details #
  • RT @thebizguy 100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded without a College Degree #
  • "Actually, I’m an overnight success. But it took twenty years." – Monty Hall #
  • This Saturday we're giving away a VIP section, check here for details #
  • RT @RepJA: @gotrends sum late night moves di man dem dey pan …. <== cool nuh man, work always continues! #
  • RT @FoeDiddy: @gotrends That's a late ass meeting..where were you meeting? (( FOX Sports Grill )) #
  • just finished meeting with the team… productive yr ahead! #
  • Laptop screen finally fixed!!! #
  • Leo said we don't take enough risks… (( 2010 )) #
  • (( Building An Escape Hatch )) #
  • Listen to the vibes from Respec' Last Friday at Vice #
  • (( Big Up Marc Stewart )) #
  • Just because you copy the templates and add all my friends from facebook doesn't mean they're attending your event. It's 2010 STEP IT UP! #
  • RT @FoeDiddy: Man why can't the weather be like this on party days #promoterpost <== Man don't get me started lol #
  • RT @smoothlikbutta: RT @gotrends ugh! <~ y the ugh?…. Will be enjoying a Super Bowl of Stuff to Do today! LOL What's good darlin? #
  • ugh! #
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