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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • Watching this ill video right now from @kennyburns. MADD!! #
  • What's Your Favorite Magazine? #
  • RT @jamesschramko How to Get a Page One Ranking Fast Using a Little known Sneaky Tip | Internet Marketing Speed #
  • "Superstars work for impact and not money." #
  • At all times, Give Thanks! #
  • My laptop screen just died ppl. Just have to laugh… LOL Wild! #
  • I subscribed to DreMoneyMusic's channel on YouTube #
  • Rise and Shine Amazing People! #
  • RT @necolebitchie: "Say ahhh" is the official new birthday song #
  • ==> New at UrbConnect: All Club Promoters are Liars #
  • RT @urbconnect: @Tiwaworks dude, where do you even get the time? You must have a clone! #
  • Awesome interview Andrew… you seemed uncomfortable at the end. #mixergy #
  • How did you convince investors to pour in money into the project? #
  • This is a great interview Andrew & Andrew… painful, insightful & inspiring all at once. #mixergy #
  • I'm crying now LOL… OMG! #mixergy #
  • Wild!!! you guys need to be checking out mixergy and how not to lose millions of $s #mixergy #
  • Today @ 11am PT, a kid who earned about $2 mil, then lost it all. Wait till you hear how he made it -and why he lost it. #
  • RT @mashable 5 Tips for Using Video to Grow Your Business in 2010 #
  • RT @carltonriddick: "Every great dream begins with a dreamer." ~Harriet Tubman #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: ok so it's NOW OFFICIAL OFFICIAL that @KasimReed is the 59th Mayor of Atlanta! CONGRATS AGAIN MAYOR… now let's work!! #
  • ==> Need Help spreading the word on my new site (( Please RT )) #
  • ==| In Work Mode |== #
  • Added U to 13 Entertaining Atlantans to Stalk on Twitter ( @lilduval @ludajuice @djdrama @cooloutrageous @liljizzel ) #
  • Added you to 13 Entertaining Atlantans to Stalk on Twitter ( @kennyburns @kasimreed @thegarnercircle @necolebitchie ) #
  • Here's 13 Entertaining Atlantans to Stalk on Twitter #
  • RT @urbconnect: Which interesting people would you like to read about in Atlanta? #
  • Good Morning World: With Every Struggle is The Opportunity to become Amazing! Let's Go! #
  • RT @urbconnect: ==> New at UrbConnect: Watch This: Do You Think About Me, 50 Cent #
  • The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time. – Henry Ford #
  • RT @kennyburns: Style is Confidence. #
  • RT @tferriss No More Excuses – How to Make an Extra $100,000 in the Next 6 Months #
  • RT @neilpatel 101 Motivational Business Quotes #
  • RT @IncomeDiary 20 Design Features That Will Make Your Blog Stand Out From The Crowd! | Make Money Online #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth's Blog: Lead with your glass jaw #
  • RT @urbconnect: ==> New at UrbConnect: 12 Entertaining Atlantans to Stalk on Twitter #
  • RT @johncmaxwell: Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. -Erich Fromm #
  • It's interesting how many of us get tied down to writing a business plan for a whole yr and don't just get going. #
  • RT @dharmesh: Jason Cohen (@asmartbear) is being interviewed live right now on #mixergy #
  • Andrew is hustling today on mixergy, check him out live #mixergy #
  • RT @AndrewWarner: 2 interviews w/entrepreneurs who built & sold their companies @dharmesh at 11 Pacific & @asmartbear @ 12 Pacific #mixergy #
  • RT @kingmilesiii: you sleep. i work. i win. #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: TwitterATL: Power 30 under 30 awards #
  • RT @devonbrown: The First Jobs of 10 Wealthy Entrepreneurs – #
  • RT @mikehenrysr: Mentors shave yrs off of your learning curve …. & reveal hidden secrets. Who's your mentor? #
  • RT @JeffHerring: "An article a day keeps recession away." ~ Jeff Herring #
  • Are there any local atlanta bloggers interested in contributing to my new project ? Entertainment, Fashion, Photography #
  • RT @ryandeiss: How To Manage Successful Social Media Promotions #
  • RT @johncmaxwell: All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. -Scott Alexander #
  • RT @imrichtastic $5 Million Dollar Breasts! | #
  • RT @LeahMonet: RT @gotrends: 10 Tips to Avoid Looking A Hot Mess In The Club #
  • RT @tweetmeme 10 Tips to Avoid Looking A Hot Mess In The Club #
  • RT @amyjokim: thanks everyone for tuning into my #mixergy interview, and for all your great questions & feedback! #
  • RT @michaeldunlop: You got to constantly be up-ing your game people!! #
  • RT @duttypaul: RT @HISTORY_Daily: THIS DAY IN HISTORY, 1980, John Lennon was shot. #
  • RT @chadrothschild: We have scheduled our Jan. Atlanta Bloggers Community Meeting – Wed Jan 6 – RSVP - – Look fwd to it #
  • Great job guys.. nice interview #mixergy #
  • This is awesome… if you piece together elements of these interviews, you can develop a great business. #mixergy #
  • Isn't that something originally did in the beginning for it's search engine? #mixergy #
  • RT @AndrewWarner: talking game mechanics LIVE on #mixergy #
  • Yeh… that was something good and different ( The interview w/ Luke ) #mixergy #
  • LOL… Andrew flips the interview. #mixergy #
  • RT @KirstenWinkler: Watch @AndrewWarner is interviewed by Mike for right now :) #
  • It's great hearing Andrew's side of the story this time… #mixergy #
  • RT @AndrewWarner: I'm being interviewed for Want to watch? #
  • RT @shoemoney: Just posted: "Worst Ideas Of 2009"( ) #
  • RT @CragerInc: The 10 Most Innovative Viral Video Ads of 2009 – (RT @Mashable) #
  • RT @Bridget_D: FYI..for those of you who didn't know, Sean Paul has a twitter. @duttypaul Show him some love! :) #
  • RT @LeahMonet: Just do it – Nike. #
  • RT @ZnaTrainer: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt #
  • RT @Mel_White_: My advice 2 you is get married: if U find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher. Socrates #Quotes #
  • RT @HenokMenase: Did you know that the FDA allows up to 10% feces in the milk we drink? #
  • RT @theDukeOfSEO: Top Searches Can Attract Top Links #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog Seth's Blog: What's it like? (The sad story of the hot pepper) #
  • Will be selling a few of my sites this week… stay tuned. #
  • Deh yah ah meds… #
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