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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • Embrace is already crazy… get here now! #
  • A consistent weekly, 3 birthdays, celebration of our hosts and more tonight at Embrace Saturdays. See you all there! #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: Successful people1 Take initiative 2 Are self-motivators 3 Are not afraid of failure 4 Respect others 5 Do not complain. #
  • Respec' Fridays at Vice is set to be crazy every Friday… spread the word. #
  • Top Young Entrepreneurs making $ online #
  • Just had the wildest dream ever… #
  • Morning pplz!!! #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: RT @cthagod: @cthagod First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win- Mohandas Gandhi #
  • RT @jodinescorner: I am officially tired of being an adult! #
  • Good to see @kasimreed going hard at boulevard and freedom pkwy #
  • I subscribed to A3DJTV's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3Fashion's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to TravelMiamiTV's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3DJ's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3ArtTV's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3StyleHD's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3MusicVideos's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3Bikini's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3Party's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to DanceStarUSA's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to VIPForTheNight's channel on YouTube #
  • I subscribed to A3Network's channel on YouTube #
  • Help! Does anyone have a high resolution scanner for photos? #
  • RT @DjCrownPrince: RT @SelectaRenegade: Pollo tropical grill wings! Boom!— Just had some! Madddddddd!! #
  • Now listening to "Losing My Virginity" by Richard Branson… well deep. #
  • "It's only by being bold that you get anywhere…" – Branson #
  • RT @kasimreed: Atlantans: Today, I need your SUPPORT & VOTE to help move Atlanta in a New Direction! #Vote4KasimReed #
  • RT @SharneseLaNier: "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." ~Anthony J. D'Angel #
  • RT @JamesRivers: "Do Your Best and Forget the Rest" – Tony Horton #
  • RT @aaronparkinson: New stat in FortuneMagazine this month. 4 every point unemployment goes up the death rate drops half a point. Jobs kill! #
  • Done studying these major clubs… off to some business books. #
  • Sometimes we are not in control of where our days go… life's interesting. #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: @kasimreed for ATL MAYOR ! Vote tomorrow! #
  • RT @ryanleslie: Listen to my new album "Transition" right now on imeem Album in stores tomorrow! #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: Mayor shirley Franklin says she is voting for @kasimreed tomorrow!! Get up and vote tomorrow! #
  • What a looooooooo!!!! #
  • If you're in ATL, Ga, come out today for a meet & greet w/ Melanie Fiona and Ryan Leslie at our CD store in Lenox Sq Mall, 4-6pm- Pls RT! #
  • TRENDS Last 90 – Day 33 – "Way too many quit right before they win!" #
  • I subscribed to NCBShow's channel on YouTube #
  • Gary V is pretty awesome #
  • BUMBO!! "The man you wish you could, but can't stop… AG Entertainment." … What an ad LOL! #
  • 1st coffee in days… now down to 1 a week, not bad. #
  • RT @DjCrownPrince: I am inspired to grind harder cause I've accomplished nothing yet… #
  • RT @ThisIsSethsBlog: Seth's Blog: Attention lust and Olympic craziness #
  • RT @DjCrownPrince: Follow my other brother!! He's Finally on Twitter!!! @djnikostar #
  • RT @drkilstein: Message: "Free Video Reveals How To Sell More As A Copywriter" – #
  • RT @thechrisjordan: Introducing the all new Atlanta Insurance Live! #
  • RT @ZnaTrainer: Oscar Wilde: When I was young, I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, I know it is. #
  • Back to work… All Gas No Brakes! #
  • Good afternoon peoples… What's the vibes for today? #
  • Mix Master David killin right now… Embrace Jokers! #
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