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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • some of these costumes should be illegal lol. Embrace at Thrive MAD! #
  • for all the ppl callin'… yes you can pay at the door. #
  • The staff at Thrive in full costumes… MAD!!! Jokers tonight + an extra hr!!! #
  • Thanks to everyone who got their tix in advance only a handful left #
  • Get your tix for jokers tonight @ Thrive or call 404.444.8591. See you tonight! #
  • Get your tix for Jokers 6 tomorrow at Thrive #
  • TRENDS Last 90 – Day 30 giving up coffee and back to tea. #
  • RT @unmarketing: attaboy RT @jawar When your classy you don't have to be trendy. #
  • RT @CoachDeb: I say, why get rich quick, when you can get rich and STAY Rich forever. #KnowWhatI'mSayin?! #
  • We're in it to win it…. #
  • RT @squire225: Eminem may not make the music u care 2 hear, but 4 someone to come off so effortlessly and "real" hi (cont) #
  • RT @melaniefiona: Its a real problem!!! I LOVE THIS SONG by JEREMAIH " I'm a STAR… Thought I told ya… " #
  • RT @GuyKawasaki: 100 ways to find blog post ideas #
  • RT @problogger: Earlier: How I Diversify My Site and Income #
  • RT @SharneseLaNier: “Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration”~ Rudolf Nureyev #
  • RT @ramskill: 12 Top Tips To Help You Get Coverage On The Most Influential Blogs – … A must read! #
  • RT @davidrisley: If you are a tech enthusiast interested in doing some writing for, check this out: #
  • The plan is to Crush It in the last quarter… let's go! #
  • RT @MackleenStories: ohh…Tuesdays…better than Monday but not as great as hump day. I'm glad to be around either way #
  • RT @GlobalGrind: Rise & Grind! #
  • RT @drakkardnoir: Eminem = Greatness #
  • Johnny Walker…Tunes & Passion… Let's Go! #
  • A Whole folder of important files and documents deleted and of course no one knows what happened to it… What a way to end the day, night! #
  • This is a crazy mix by DJ Private Ryan #
  • RT @jawar: Giving up is so overrated! #
  • Listening to an interview w/ Eben & Tony… #
  • TRENDS Last 90 | Day 26…. Keep Hustling while others rest. #
  • Get Your ticks for our annual halloween party Jokers 6: Limited amnt available and they're only $10. #
  • What it is people? — Hope you have an amazing week!!! #
  • Without them there would be no us… respec' to Marc Stewart. #
  • Buju was packed, Embrace was packed and ppl had a great time. Thanks again for the support!!!! – TRENDS #
  • Revolution murderin the vibes right now… big up Marlon and Julian right now. #
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