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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • Thinking about the Death of Atlanta Nightlife… #
  • RT @garyvee: I just want to thank everyone who has helped me get on this list Amazon TOP 20 preordered BOOKS! thank you! #
  • ==> First Friday Atlanta 2nite @ FAB | Get your tickets, only $10
    (( ends at 8pm )) #
  • RT @michaeldunlop: 20 People Who Started As Bloggers, Who Are Now So Much More! – – Please Share :D #
  • Working on being another 5 – 10 steps ahead :) #
  • RT @TanNmaN: Today’s office topic of discussion: Who had more of an impact, Prince or Bob Marley? #
  • RT @TarynP: Looking for someone ASAP in #Atlanta who is unbelievably skilled & successful with Email marketing. Please include contact info. #
  • RT @thechrisjordan: #ff @MsPinkSlip_Blog @rockinrobync @JillKoenig @lkr @CaronElectric @victoriadunmire @runlevelmedia @chadrothschild #
  • RT @JillKoenig: 30 days of focused immersion creates a stronger surge of momentum than 1 year of scattered activity on ur goal. #GoalBlitz #
  • Good morning beautiful people of the world. Let’s make it an amazing day ;) #
  • Just had a great conversation w/ Mel @atlbarz on the state of atlanta nightlife. Change is needed. #
  • RT @joshcaza: RT @nishanjoomun: How 20 popular websites looked when they launched – how times have changed… #
  • RT @CragerInc: “Most men die from the neck up at age twenty-five because they stop dreaming” ~B. Franklin #
  • Does anyone have hotel hook ups in Atlanta? Too many ppl in town and we need hotel rooms. #
  • Things change so much when you run into the right people at the right time… WILD! #
  • RT @mikelitman: Nothing happens until you release what you possess. #
  • RT @thechrisjordan: @HarrisonPainter THis is a super interview my friend! #
  • RT @thechrisjordan: RT @HarrisonPainter: @jillKoenig will be LIVE on Ustream –> GOAL GURU -> JOIN US and RT #
  • RT @ProphecyEvents: “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Henry Ford #
  • RT @cheth: RT @behoff: TweetMyMac: Remote control of your Mac via Twitter #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: RT @mizrik: RT @Maestro: Some people are dedicated to seeing you fail. Dedicate yourself to disappointing them. #
  • RT @devonbrown: A goal without a plan is just a wish #
  • RT @devonbrown: Action may not always be happiness, but there is no happiness without action. #
  • Listening to DJ Crown Prince while I get stuff done today… #
  • having a good time learning at #atlblog #
  • “People buy things they do not need, with money they do not have, to impress people they don’t even like.” #
  • Going to hang out with the Atlanta Bloggers tonight… fun times with geeks. #
  • “Anything you want to get good at requires mastery” – TR #
  • Everyday a star is born… clap for em! #
  • It’s time to get your tickets for Party Animalz this Sunday at OPERA.
    pls RT #
  • Last Quarter coming, let’s go “I Just Wanna Be Successful!!!” …. Hope yall have an amazing day!!! #
  • I’m THE BEST!!!! I CLAIM SUCCESS & CLAIM THIS CITY!!!!! Nite all :) #
  • Big up to me on a great day, I rock :) #
  • Proposal sent off, pray for me yall. We’re getting it in today. Still no sleep, Still on the grind to shine in ’09. Let’s GET IT! #
  • Going ’til I pass out and doing it all over again…. “I’m Good, I’m Good!” #
  • No Sleep and Still Going… “Feelin’ So Good I Think I Might Run for Mayor” ;) #
  • “only thing thats on my mind, is who goin run this town tonight!!!!” #
  • Not Happy, but F*ck it, we keep it moving!!! Sometimes you just have to wonder!

    Whattup world??? #

  • Can’t sleep, so work…. yuhzeet!!! #
  • RT @copyblogger: “The world is not dangerous because of the harmful, but because of those who do nothing about it.” ~Albert Einstein #
  • RT @NickCannon: If you stay ready, You’ll never have to get ready! #
  • RT @Tiwaworks: your income is primarily determined by your philosophy #
  • What it is people!!!!????? #
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