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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • Are you in the manufacturing business? Do You Manufacture unhappiness? #
  • Back into the swing of things with 2 hrs sleep. Time to get in some food and work. #
  • “If you really put me on, put yourself on then…” #
  • Smash Into You is building my vibes right now in the AM. Work work work. #
  • Main comp acting ancient, rebooting, revitalizing, and vibing to imeem. Pop champagne ohhhhhhhh! #
  • Bed Time story was hilarious… needed that good laugh :) #
  • Join me on my 90 Day Challenge #
  • ATL is looking lovely right now, bout to head out and soak up the sunshine by The 10 #
  • Facebook video upload was garbage last night, anyone else had problems? #
  • New video coming, Day 6: Remove Negative People from Your Life! #
  • Damn, don’t procrastinate or someone will eat your food. #
  • Good morning party people… what are you all up to this fine day? #
  • We’re doing simply WicKed @ Artistry for MLK Sunday, spread the word folks :) #
  • It’s interesting how the universe supports you once you put that energy out there :) #
  • About to shoot another video, what to talk about? #
  • Big Plans for the new year on Event Marketing Tips #
  • Just updated the Trends Site: #
  • Good Morning world, ready for some serious progress #
  • The real work begins in the morning… nite nite world #
  • Sticking to the challenge, just uploading the latest video on Facebook right now. #
  • Just finishing the morning routine… interesting how much clarity you get when it’s so peaceful #
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