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Quick Week Recap

Published on TRENDS

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  • RT @garyvee: WOW! Cleveland is so poorly coached, I haven’t followed them much BUT MAN he is terrible! LeBron get this guy out of town… #
  • (( Embrace the 90s – Saturday July 4th )) #
  • It’s easy to be a critic… but first take the lumber out your eye! #
  • Win tickets to BERES on Friday July 10th at #
  • RT @squire225: Top 60 Ghetto Black Names. COURTNEY! (via @boutye) #
  • Life’s amazing! #
  • RT @MaryWilhite: “Knowledge without follow-through is worse than no knowledge.” – Henry Charles Bukowski #
  • Are You Amazing? #
  • RT @John_Taylor: Bumper Sticker: No radio–already stolen. LOL #
  • I’ve got 10 new books to read :) #
  • I’ve learned a lot about friends, business, politics, loyalty and humility this weekend. Thanks for the lessons. #
  • Thank U Atlanta & all 1900+ PPL that partied with & supported us (TRENDS/Party Animalz, Prophecy, J3, Dynasty & Plush Blue) tonight @ OPERA #
  • We’re almost at capacity @ Opera… Inside and outside is packed! Its a celebration ;) #
  • I don’t know where u are, but if its not Opera I feel bad for you :p #
  • Its already nice at Opera, yall hurry up and get here!!!!! :) #
  • We hit an online record 4 PartyAnimalz! Thank U ATL see U@ Opera 2nite (( An hour left to order )) or 4044448591 #
  • REAL TALK a combined 1200 tickets & counting 4 OPERA 2nite, this is where you need to be or 404.444.8591 #
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