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Have Some Humble Pie

Published on TRENDS

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Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real. – Thomas Merton

We’re standing at the bottom of the steps, watching our friends peak in at the top of the stairs, shrug their shoulders and waltz right of the venue.

The venue? Cotton Club.

The event? Energy… which lacked tons of energy to say the least.

It was my second after an amazing first event, expectations high and tons of people on the bandwagon saying they’re coming to support us. But from the looks of it, it would only be our closest friends and family this time around.

Despite all the hype and excitement this second event ended up being a bust, but it taught me something very valuable from early.


Not to say that I was a gloating ass or anything, but having a flop event reminded me very quickly to always remain humble no matter what.

It’s one of my favorite values from promoting events and no matter how big the promoter or marketing company we’ve all had to eat some sour humble pie.

It’s one of the reasons why I always laugh when other beat their chest and claim to be the biggest and baddest in the world. Because the day will come, whether it be weather, whether it be just lack of promotion or lack of support from the target audience… the day will come when they too will have to eat some humble pie.

The great thing about remaining humble, is that even when you mess up, the world will give you multiple chances to make things better.

Stay humble!


( Image via daveschapell )

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