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Atlanta Carnival Battle Plan

Published on TRENDS

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Is it really too early to be planning for the Atlanta Carnival?

So may think that it’s crazy and others may say “well damn, you really should have been planning since last year’s carnival ended.”

Either way we’ve decided to start our preparation early this year and not wait ’til the month before the holiday weekend. ( Yes crazy, we know. )

We’re kinda looking at it as a battle, you’ve got to plan, rally the troops, acquire ammunition and resources and all that good old world war mess.

For some reason over the past year, it seems we love the chaos, stress, uncertainty of the last minute rush though. Maybe we’re thrill seekers or just plain stupid, but we usually get it done.

The problem with the last minute atlanta carnival planning is that a lot of things tend to fall through the cracks and a lot of times we miss out on the best talent, venues, sponsorship opportunities amongst other things.

This year is different though (war terminology aside), a five 4 meeting on Tuesday was an example of that. This year for Atlanta Carnival we plan not to be as stressed out about getting things done last minute. Maybe it’s because we have bigger plans. But that’s for a later post.

Anyway like a good army, we’re planning, strategizing and weighing all tactical approaches.

Yeh as the the saying goes, “You’ve got to burn the boats to take the island!” Or something like that.

Burnt boats and all, we plan on making Atlanta Carnival an exciting adventure. We hope you get to join us.


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